December: Great Achievements, yet Great Challenges, Opportunities Lie Ahead!


As 2022 ends, the struggle for freedom, democracy, and support for all hard-working families continues. With love at the center, if we organize, we can change the world.

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Sen. Raphael G. Warnock (D-Ga.) won reelection in the Georgia runoff on Tuesday night, turning aside a challenge from Republican former football star Herschel Walker. We now have 51 votes in the Senate! Now we must prepare for 2024 Senate challenges.

Here are the top 4 takeaways from the race.

Federal judge orders Amazon to cease and desist from retaliating against union organizers

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Against union-busting, Starbucks workers are still organizing for the right to unionize!

Trump calls to terminate the Constitution. We need to stop Trump and Trumpism.

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How Fetterman Won Flipped a PA Senate Seat with a People-Powered Campaign

Musk suspends Kanye West’s Twitter account for ‘incitement to violence’. Hate-filled violence must be stopped.

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Summer Lee wins PA race over GOP Doyle, Will become PA’s 1st Black Congresswoman!

President Biden’s administration is MAKING PROGERSS! Click here to see the real impact that is happening!

There’s great strain on working families, but together we can lower costs and raise ourselves up.

Yes, we can: Election Achievements.

When we organize, with love at the center, we can win!

You are amazing, dedicated, and values-driven, and you do the progressive mobilization that is needed!

Reproductive freedom, the freedom to vote, to sustain (and expand) Social Security and Medicare, get assault weapons off the street, cancel student debt, ensure there is expansion good paying/union jobs, address inflation, a caring society, a pathway to citizenship and more is possible because you do the work that is needed and we are there for each other.

We are still on a knife’s edge in the struggle between freedom/factual information/expansion of democracy and tyranny/lies/undermining of democracy. But we make progress when we organize.

So much to be thankful for with this caring community, working so intensely for freedom, justice, democracy, and peace. You have shown that when we organize–with love at the center–we can change the world. And you are changing the world, to make it more just and democratic.

Of course, the struggle continues.

But your spirit and commitment make the struggle so much more joyful and effective. You make the victories sweeter and the challenges easier to bear–because we face them together.

We have so much further to go–for a caring society, for greater democracy and justice. For good jobs with unions. For a society that includes and reflects us all. For stopping the lies and disinformation, the hate-filled threats and real violence. For love at the center.

Together we have found the shared messages. Together we do the work. Together–with those we helped elect who provide the public leadership. Together, we bend that long moral arc of the universe toward justice.

So thankful for you all and for our partnership in this movement.

Listen to the How We Win Podcast Episode featuring Heather.

Reproductive Freedom After Dobbs vs Jackson.

This is about our freedom to decide whether, when, and with whom to have a family. The opposition believe politicians have the right to make our most personal decisions, based on their faith and values. We believe in the freedom to make our own decisions, based on our faith and values.

Need an abortion? Go to

Reproductive Freedom After Dobbs vs Jackson.

Disqualify Donald Trump from Holding Public Office, Under the Constitution’s 14th Amendment Petition by MoveOn

Donald Trump and his associates planned, promoted, and paid for a criminal conspiracy that became the January 6 insurrection. According to the U.S. Constitution, that disqualifies him from ever holding office again. Section three of the Fourteenth Amendment, the “insurrection clause,” makes clear that anyone who engaged in attempting to violently overthrow the US government after swearing an oath to protect it is barred from being given that responsibility again.

We need to NOT ONLY hold Trump accountable – we need to stop Trumpism and the MAGA extremism that is hate-fueled and turns to violence when they cannot win by legitimate means.


Economic Messaging Toolkit by Americans For Tax Fairness

We’re able to move forward because PEOPLE are organizing!

And to win in these decisive battles ahead, we need to keep organizing.

Click here to watch!

WATCH above as Heather Booth joins Wondros Podcast – inspiring us with stories from her life’s work as a political activist, her optimism toward the opportunities for positive change we have in front of us, and her guidance on how we can take our passion about a certain issue and transform it into impactful action through organizing.

We Remember These Movement Leaders & Others.

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Robert Parris Moses

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Staunton Lynd

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Fred Ross, Jr.

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Jeff Kirsch

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Bobby Silverstein

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Lani Guinier

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Upcoming Events!
Elizabeth Banks’ New Film ‘Call Jane’ Will Be Screened at Abortion Clinics Across the U.S.

Dec 10 – Human Rights Day

Dec 18 – Hannukah Begins (8 nights)

Dec 24 – Christmas Eve

Dec 25 – Christmas Day

Dec 26 – Kwanzaa Begins (7 days)

Dec 31 – New Year’s Eve

When we organize, we can change the world.

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We are so glad to be your partner in this movement for democracy and justice for all.

– Heather Booth and the Team

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