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“Rivlin has a way of fishing out the facts of a life and stringing them together in a fashion that draws you in, makes you think and then connect the dots that lead from personal life to politics to change.
-James van Maanen, TrustMovies


Chicago Reader May 20, 2017
Huffington Post – May 13, 2017


Trust Movies – March 17, 2017

She's leaving home: Heather Booth looks back on 25 years of struggle  
Her bags aren't packed yet, but friends and political allies are on the phone. The word has slowly leaked that Heather Booth--one of Chicago's premier political and community organizers--is leaving town. Her husband, Paul Booth, has already left; he's in Washington, D.C., where he'll work as director of field services for the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. Heather Booth says she will join him as soon as their Lakeview flat is subleased, probably in May... more      
FF2 Media May 18,2017
'Heather Booth' director highlights life of social activist  
Change.  It’s vital to our growth as a nation.  Over the course of the last 50 years, one woman has been an integral part of momentous historical changes,  addressing injustices pertaining to women and minority groups.  Her name is Heather Booth.  While she is not a household name, she is the backbone of social change.  She is an organizer who has inspired, mentored and taught others to create programs and strategies for change.  From rallies on the National Mall to the Women’s Liberation Movement, Booth is at the center.  Without her, our world would be a different and most likely, a more inequitable place... more 

She’s The Best Answer To Donald Trump You Never Heard Of 
Heather Booth doesn’t look like a revolutionary. She sits demurely on a sofa, dressed simply in black, fingering a silver necklace. She speaks softly, selecting her words with care and enunciating cleanly. Dignity. Respect. Community.
But something comes over her when she begins to talk about helping people organize to make their world better. The sweet smile fades. She sits up straighter. Her voice tightens, the words come faster. Power. Together. Act. She strikes a gently curled fist into an open palm. IM-pact.... more
HEATHER BOOTH: CHANGING THE WORLD completes Lilly Rivlin's women activists trilogy
So who is Heather Booth? (That's she, above, in both her younger and more recent days.) Well, the woman is an "organizer," and if that might seem at first a bit mundane, we soon learn how important this job is, along with how it most effectively can be done. We also learn about the forces that drive her -- love people, hate injustice -- and how her status as an "outsider" probably fueled the fire... more    
TedX Talk – March 15, 2017
If We Organize, We Can Change the World | Heather Booth | TEDxPennsylvaniaAvenue   
Lilith Blog - February 3, 2017
Film: ‘Heather Booth: Changing the World’ Don’t Despair. Organize!
Filmmaker Lilly Rivlin hit it right on this one.
“Heather Booth: Changing the World”—the final film in Rivlin’s trilogy of activist Jewish women (Grace Paley, Esther Broner) premiered in New York at the Manhattan JCC just before the Trump inauguration. The documentary of a woman whose lifelong work has been organizing for progressive change ends with the date November 9, 2016 (11/9 – the eerie reversal of 9/11) filling the screen, the date of Trump’s electoral college victory. Then Trump’s face fills the screen, and we hear Booth’s voice: “We will organize. We will stand up.”... more